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At Laurel & Ash

We strive to produce the highest quality farm products while doing so responsibly. We value quality over quantity, enjoyment over tedium and fostering respect for the forest and land that we farm.

Laurel & Ash Farm is a 50 acre-working family farm and forest nestled within a mountainside in Holmes, New York. We produce limited batches of wood-fired maple syrup, hand-crafted, cold processed soaps and unique varieties of heirloom produce.

One DRop
at a time


When The nights Are Cold...


And the late winter days are just beginning to warm, maple sap begins to flow through the Laurel & Ash Farm sugar bush. During this small window every winter, we harness only our sweetest sap to create the most delicious and delightful maple syrup.

We work tirelessly to produce the highest quality maple products in limited batches from heritage maples grown on our Hudson Valley, NY farm. We harvest every drop of our maple sap using sustainable practices and are always mindful of our role as responsible stewards of the land. We use the wood from our farm’s forest management to fire our evaporator during the sugaring process. All of our Laurel & Ash Farm syrup is tapped, wood-fired and bottled on the farm in The Hudson Valley.


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PUre New YorK Maple Syrup

At Laurel & Ash Farm we produce 100% New York Grade-A Maple Syrup in four distinct colors and tastes. 

Golden: Golden Color, Delicate Taste. Pale Golden Color and Mild Maple Flavor.
Amber: Amber Color, Rich Taste. Tawny Amber Color and Rich Maple Flavor.
Dark: Dark Color, Robust Taste. Dark Bronze Color and Full-Bodied Maple Flavor.
Very Dark: Very Dark Color, Strong Taste. Very Dark Brown Color and Strong Maple Flavor.

Our limited batch maple syrup is bottled in 375 and 750 ml wax-sealed and numbered glass bottles. Tapped, wood-fired and bottled in the Hudson Valley, our maple syrup contains no added ingredients or preservatives.


Forest Management



Where MAPLe, Ferns and fennel meet...


We believe in sustainable farming practices, low-impact maple harvesting techniques and holistic forest management. The forest floor and canopy are resilient yet delicate eco-systems that we are responsible for. We ensure that motor vehicle use is limited to designated forest paths, invasive species such as barberry and honeysuckle are eradicated while native species such as laurel and ferns are left untouched and used as wind breaks at the edge of our fennel and tomato crops.

We believe that a diverse forest is a healthy forest. Diversity promotes new forest growth as well as encourages wildlife. Thinning trees is done only to protect the forest habitat and increase our sugar woods' resiliency.

Fallen and thinned trees are harvested for sugar wood then remaining coals from our sugaring process are used to make hand crafted soaps or returned to the forest floor.



Community Supported Agriculture


Join our 2019 maple syrup CSA to purchase a ‘share’ in our small farm and receive a one time, seasonal share of our 2019 maple syrup flight at a 10% discount, plus 10% off maple refills while 2019 supplies last. Your early investment in our farm allows us to purchase new equipment, upgrade infrastructure and focus our energy on making the most delicious and delightful maple syrup instead of searching for new markets or customers.

This CSA is one way to support our small farm, as well as a growing and sustainable food system in the Hudson Valley.

2019 CSA now closed.


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